HERZ is an Austrian company, established in 1896, which is recognized internationally. At present, with approximately 3,500 employees and 40 production facilities worldwide, HERZ Group. is one of the leading European manufacturers of valves, fittings, circuit regulating valves, dynamic control valves and thermostatic valves for domestic, heating, air conditioning, sanitary and gas installations. In addition, HERZ is one of the leading producers of biomass boilers up to 20,000 kilowatts and manufacturers of heat pumps, as well as a producer of insulation by its subsidiary Hirsch Servo AG

With Decades of experience as well as specialization in the field of heating technology and control systems are the basis for innovative products development combined with successful solutions in technology and design. Today HERZ is a provider of complete HVAC solutions, and all its products are made within the EU to meet the expectation of quality HERZ is famous for.